Barbara at her Best

Year Published: 2018

Barbara Brassington, a 17 year old student at a High School in Cairns, North Queensland, and also a Cadet Under-Officer in the Australian Army Cadets, is with her unit on their Annual Camp in the dry savannah woodland at Dotswood, 100km west of Townsville. During a night navigation exercise a French military satellite crashes, showering the countryside with flaming fragments and setting fire to the bush.

After surviving a near miss Barbara provides leadership during the crisis and then finds herself being drawn into an international drama with deadly results. During this she has to make some very hard moral and ethical choices involving life and death. Her conscience is tested to its limits along with her physical and moral courage and she has to grapple with the ugly notion of treason.

During this time of extreme stress Barbara uses all her cadet skills and knowledge to help her survive and to achieve the goals she has set for herself.  This is a fast paced tale of action, drama and romance described by one Officer of Cadets as ‘un-put-down-able’. This is a story that will appeal to soldiers as well as cadets and ex-cadets.


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    DocterZed Publishing
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