Mischief at Mingela

Year Published: 2019

Chloe is a 14 year Army Cadet who looks 16 and acts18. Because of scandalous behaviour she and her friend Jane are on a warning- any more mischief and they are out!

And Chloe has many enemies. Her male platoon sergeant is tormented by lust and jealousy. Many girls are jealous of her and wish her ill, and the lady Officers of Cadets are watching like hawks for any misbehaviour to get her and Jane discharged.

The Cadet Unit goes on a weekend bivouac in the bush near the tiny North Queensland town of Mingela- and mischief begins. Chloe and Jane find their cadet careers in jeopardy- and then their lives- as a completely unexpected and deadly crisis erupts during a field exercise.


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    DocterZed Publishing
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