Bowling Green Bay

Year Published: 2019

Forty kilometres east of Townsville is Bowling Green Bay, a vast expanse of shallow water ringed by mangrove swamps and mudflats. The many tidal creeks and rivers are the natural habitat of numerous fish, among them the famous barramundi. But it is also the home of many saltwater crocodiles, so anglers need to take great care.
Into this dangerous environment in the heat of the tropical summer, five teenage friends, all school students and part-time Navy Cadets, come to fish.
Martin Schipholl, 14, and his uninhibited big sister Letitia are with their friends Anne Maudsley and Andrew Collins and his big sister Carmen fishing in a small boat when they witness two murders. The murderers see them and try to kill them. This begins a deadly pursuit that will test their characters, physical abilities and Navy Cadet training to the absolute limit as they struggle to survive against everything that evil men and the harsh environment can throw at them.


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    DocterZed Publishing
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