Beyond the Barrier Reef

Year Published: 2018

The Great Barrier Reef- that amazing natural structure which protects much of the east coast of Queensland. A fabulous place of natural wonders that tourists by the million pay to visit. A beautiful place- but one that holds many perils and can also be a deadly environment.

Andrew Collins, a 16 year old high school student, and his 17 year old sister Carmen are spending the April school holidays helping friends do a university research program on a reef a hundred kilometres out from Townsville. Both Andrew and Carmen are also volunteer part-time Navy Cadets, Andrew in his 4th year and Carmen in her 5th so they are quite experienced at being on small boats and at sea.

On the fourth day of the holidays, while SCUBA diving to survey sea grass and other marine organisms around Yule Reef, they find something out of place, something man-made that should not be there- and that they should not have seen. The discovery has deadly consequences and leads brother and sister into the most desperate situation they have ever encountered. Join them as they struggle to survive in that harsh and unforgiving environment against both nature and evil men.


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    DocterZed Publishing
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