Through the Devil’s Eye

Year Published: 2017

November- the Hot, Dry Summer in the ‘Gulf Country’ of Far North Queensland.  Willy Williams, a 16 year old Air Cadet and student pilot, makes an emergency landing in a light aircraft at an isolated cattle station on the edge of the vast wilderness of limestone ridges and dry savannah.   As the repaired aircraft is taxiing to take off a woman runs towards them pleading for help.    She is stopped by one of the men at the station who then shoots at the aircraft as it takes off.

This action thrusts Willy into the most desperate situation he has ever encountered.  To survive he must use all the knowledge and skills he has learned as an air cadet.  Over the next few days Willy is tested to the limits of his character and physical endurance and has to make hard moral choices.   He learns many tough lessons and, most importantly finds out what sort of person he actually is.

Can Willy save the woman?  What cruel choices tear at his conscience?  Join with Willy in this action drama while he struggles to stay alive and to do what he believes to be the right thing.


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    DocterZed Publishing
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