Davy Jones's Locker

Year Published: 2004

Andrew Collins, a 14 year old navy cadet, begins a SCUBA diving course near Cairns in North Queensland, along with his sister Carmen and Muriel. Muriel is the same age and he is very anxious to impress her but is inexperienced and unsure of himself.

Worse still, Andrew discovers that he is terrified of diving; afraid of all the dangerous creatures that inhabit the Coral Sea. Pride battles with panic. Despising himself for being a coward he keeps on trying.

Andrew also stumbles on an old family mystery: What happened to his grandfather, also a diver, who was lost at sea many years before? As they try to find out what happened all those years ago Andrew and Carmen are drawn into a deadly web of lies and danger.

Before the truth is revealed Andrew has to make some agonizing choices and battle with all his worst nightmares come true.

'Davy Jones's Locker' is suitable for teenagers but will be enjoyed by all who like sea stories.


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