The Green Idol Of Kanaka Creek

Year Published: 2001

It is January in tropical Far North Queensland: hot and wet. Kanaka Creek flows down out of the jungle covered mountains to run through areas of rain forest and sugar cane farms. It is a lovely creek in a beautiful valley. Six teenagers are on a day trip in two canoes. In the first canoe are 13 year old Graham, his friend Roger and 11 year old Margaret, Graham's devoted admirer and his sister's best friend. In the second canoe are the other two boys of the 'Hiking Team': Peter and Stephen, plus Graham's little sister Kylie.

So far the holidays have been relatively boring and the friend's time in Innisfail has been uneventful. But just around the next bend is something that will involve them in danger, mystery and adventure.

Family legend says that the Idol is the key to locating a treasure. But is it? And if it is, how does it work? What is the secret? Join the team while they grapple with the puzzle and race to beat the others who are also searching.

This is a canoeing story with teenage romance and a treasure hunt woven in. Set in the South Johnston and Innisfail area, rivers, creeks and jungle. Suitable for Primary school children and teenagers.


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    Seaview Press
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