Train To Kuranda

Year Published: 2002

Thirteen year old Graham Kirk has a crush on Deslie, a Year 8 girl at the High School both attend in Cairns. But Deslie lives in the picturesque mountain township of Kuranda, 30km away. Driven by his ardent desire Graham sets out to find a way to be with Deslie during the weekend.

The result is a train ride that draws the reader not only through the fifteen tunnels of the famous Kuranda Railway but into a gripping life and death struggle with a naked madman nicknamed 'Tarzan'.

In his quest to win Deslie's love Graham is to find himself torn and tested, emotionally, physically and morally. His courage and sense of right and wrong are tested to the extreme limits. In this he is aided by his school friends, a group who call themselves 'The Hiking Team' because one of their holiday activities is bushwalking.

The friends: Peter, Stephen and Roger, as well as Graham's little sister Kylie and her friend Margaret, all share in the trials and tribulations of Graham's love life.

Suitable for teenagers.



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