The Word Of God

Year Published: 2003

The massive triangular shape of the mountain called Walshs Pyramid stands a thousand metres above the floodplain of the Mulgrave River in Far North Queensland. Eight army cadets on a holiday hike have been marching towards it. Among them are three of our friends from 'The Hiking Team': Peter, Graham and Stephen. There are also four 16 year old girls: Gwen, Joy, Megan and Charmaine.

As they reach the base of the mountain they encounter a panic stricken person dressed in black who tells them a tale so bizarre that most of them find it difficult to believe. But not Stephen. He knows that it is true. His statement convinces the group to act. So, while two go for help, the others begin to climb the mountain in a desperate race against time.

They find themselves involved in a fearsome life and death struggle with forces they had hardly suspected existed. For the next four days they are tested emotionally, spiritually and physically as they seek to ensure that evil is vanquished and right triumphs. Peter has to use all of his skills and training to help his friends and to win through.


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