Ross River Fever

Year Published: 2013

It is January in North Queensland- the 'Wet Season'. Andrew Collins, a 13 year old Navy Cadet, and his big sister Carmen are in Townsville for the school holidays, staying with their Aunt and Uncle. Andrew and Carmen have made friends with two of the Townsville Navy cadets: Jill and Mark. Jill is Mark's girlfriend but Andrew thinks she is beautiful and decides to try to win her heart.

The story opens with the four friends walking across the Charles Barton Bridge over Ross River. They encounter a group of three Primary School urchins who are jumping off the bridge for a dare. Almost immediately after that they intervene in a fight between a boy of their own age, Martin, and a group of three older bullies. As a result of this fight Andrew is plunged into the first great adventure of his life, one that will test both his courage and his physical ability.

It will also result in him meeting Letitia, a girl quite outside his very limited experience. She will test him both morally and emotionally.

For the next three weeks the friends will become embroiled in a series of explorations by canoe, bicycle and foot that will take them from one end of Ross River to the other. In the process Andrew will learn a lot about himself, and about life. The group will become involved in an ongoing struggle between good and evil and the holiday will culminate in a series of shocking events that will change them all for ever.

This is fast-moving teenage action. The friends frequently depend on the skills and self-discipline they have learned as Navy Cadets. The story is fiction and is written for young adults and older teenagers and is not suitable for Primary School children as it contains occasional coarse language, sexual references and some violence.


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    DocterZed Publishing
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