The Cadet Sergeant Major

Year Published: 2008

'Thirty nine girls! And some of them with reputations for being hot,' thought 16 year old Army Cadet Warrant Officer Graham Kirk as he scanned the company on Day 1 of the unit's annual field camp. 'And Capt Conkey doesn't want any 'boy-girl' problems.'

That got him considering the problem of temptation- something he suffered strongly from as he really liked girls! 'How do we prevent Fraternisation?' he wondered. As the Company Sergeant Major one of his main duties was discipline. 'And the cadet sergeants are the people I must depend on,' he thought. What bothered him was the feeling that some could not be trusted.

.What follows is a character study focused on loyalty and integrity during an army cadet camp and of how Graham and his friends cope with the unexpected problems that occur. For cadets and ex-cadets the detail will inform and provide nostalgic flashbacks.

Because this is a story about teenagers, and particularly teenage relationships, there are some sexual references and coarse language. This book is written for young adults and is not suitable for Primary School children.



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