Kylie And The Kelly Gang

Year Published: 2006

Kylie, 13, her brother Graham, her friend Margaret and other, are about to begin a six day trail ride. Up until now Kylie's main interests have been her friends, her pets, dancing and horse riding. But she is now reaching that age where she is developing an interest in boys. She has hopes of romance.

She also has hopes that Margaret's love for Graham will be returned. But there are many obstacles on the path of true love, and also many rivals. As her mother has warned her: 'A girl may have to kiss many toads before she finds a prince!'

But on the very first day, before the horse riding has even begun, it looks as though the pleasure may all be spoiled. While the teenagers are at the Herberton railway station for its ceremonial re-opening a dramatic incident occurs that threatens many people, including Kylie and her friends.
The incident sparks a trail of adventures that is to test Kylie as she has never been tested before. Before she wins through she must use all her courage, cunning and determination. She must push herself to her limits. At the same time she finds herself emotionally torn and her loyalty and honesty questioned. It will be the toughest challenge of her young life.

So join the friends on their horse ride through the rugged ranges west of Herberton as they explore both the fascinating history and scenery of that wild land and their own relationships. Be with Kylie as she struggles to win in a quite unexpected adventure that involves horses, horse racing, the Australian bush, a ghost town and the Kelly Gang.

The Kelly Gang? This story is set in the 21st Century, not the 19th! So read on and solve the mystery.

Note: This is a book for teenagers. It mentions some 'coming-of-age' incidents and has some realistic references to contemporary life in North Queensland.


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